Get Affordable healthcare - Up to 50% Off Cost

BeneFIT Health Share rewards FIT individuals with lower out of pocket costs and more. It's not "Health Insurance", It's better!

You should sweat for your health...but not for your healthcare costs! Unfortunately, the current situation has become incredibly difficult for millions of hard working people around the country! Don't wait for relief from Congress. We've got a better option!

Get A Healthcare Option That Reflects Your Healthy Lifestyle Perfectly!

Are you looking for a better option than those offered by traditional health insurance. What's happening in today's climate is outrageous. While the monthly premiums have skyrocketted to closely resemble a 2nd mortage, the restrictions are getting tighter and tighter. And then, adding "insult to injury", the deductibles have gotten so high that a relatively healthy, average American will only pay off the annual deductible if tragedy strikes. 

These health insurance companies are taking advantage of the "well-intentioned" ACA mandate that fines Americans who have chosen not to participate. It's either pay their prices for what they are offering, or don't pay their prices, get no coverage and a big fine! At least, those were the only options...

But not anymore! Finally, there's a 3rd choice! 

BeneFIT Health Share is an exciting new affiliate healthcare program for people like you – people who love to take care of their health and work hard to maintain good physique! It's for people who like to go on adventures, see the world, and ultimately for those who put the time and effort into maintaining their fitness and health!

As a fitness fanatic, or even just as a fitness-minded person, you embrace the gym and understand the importance of taking care of your body. You know that the end result of your effort is a body that will keep you going for many healthy years. You shouldn't have to pay huge premiums and a large deductible because the likelihood of ever needing help is smaller than it is for others who have made poor choices that will lead to poor health in the future. 

 Instead, choose this exciting program filled with healthy, active people just like you. Join a health share pool where fitness is a requirement, and be a part of a community that takes care of each other in need! Best of all, our program meets the MEC (Minimum Essential Coverage) requirement of the ACA mandate, so you won't have to pay a fine! 

By creating a pool of low risk, fitness-minded people, we are able to provide our members with incredible health care options (you have the choice to see the Dr's you want), at a subtantial discount to typical health insurance!

Paying the inflated prices of the healthcare industry is unrealistic for most people. However, it also isn't wise to go completely without any health care option. Not only will you rack up a huge fine, but accidents can happen to even the healthiest people. BeneFIT Health Share is the answer! You will join a pool of other fit minded individuals, and be part of a community that takes care of each other in need!

Medicaid and subsidized clients are NOT eligible for this program.

BeneFIT Health Share meets all the MEC (Minimum Essential Coverage) requirements of the Affordable Care Act

Included in our program is access to our 24/7 teledoc service. Any parent understands the nightmare of transporting a sick child to the doctor. Instead, with one phone call, you will speak with a doctor, explain the symptoms, and pick up any prescriptions needed that the doctor can fax to your local pharmacy!


  • Proven & Affordable
  • Keep your own doctors
  • No annual or lifetime medical limits
  • Sharing applies when you travel - both home and abroad
  • 24/7 telemedicine access to physicians meets the mandate for insurance
  • Get paid for submitting your STATS. $10/mo.

How BeneFIT Health Share works

When you sign up for BeneFIT Health Share, you will agree to provide your resting heart rate, as well as your heart rate immediately following exercise, once a month through our app (or our website). You will also be required to track all of your workouts (lasting 30 minutes or more), each month. While most new health issues are considered "shareable needs", (and able to finacially be shared by the group), there are a few pre-existing conditions that are not considered "shareable needs". To learn more about BeneFIT Health Share and speak to a live team member, click here to book a consultation!

  • You'll join a community of similarly fit individuals and give a monthly contribution to the share. You can relax knowing that everyone else on this plan has the same requirements as you, and that their healthy bodies are helping to contribute to your low prices.
  • When you have an individual bill or a bunch of bills for the same problem, and they total more than $500, send them in as a Need. Sedera evaluates the Need and may negotiate it down and pays you the over $500 negotiated amount.. This form of cost sharing is a great way to reduce the costly nature of the medical industry while still being private pay.
  • It is the perfect combination of both Private Pay benefits (with the flexibility to choose your favorite doctor) and assistance from a "pool of others"! 
  • You'll receive much better assistance than you would with regular insurance, and (for all the reasons mentioned) for a reduced price!

  (In some cases we have been able to save people over $1000 per month, as compared to a typical health insurance policy.)

Don't pay the price for other people's poor health choices

Not everyone can embrace a fit and healthy lifestyle, but those who take care of their bodies should not be punished for the choices of those who don't.That is our belief here at BeneFIT Health Share. Simply put, joining our pool is a way to cover yourself against sickness and injury, without having to pay the unreasonably high price of health care costs, that have occured because some companies don't think you have any other choice!  

You don't have to live in the gym to be a member!

BeneFIT Health Share is for all active people, not just people who enjoy going to the gym. Our fitness tracker can keep up with you no matter where your adventures take you, even if those adventures are day hikes or other exciting adventures. As long as you keep track your HR (both resting and immediately following exercise) once a month, and you keep track of all your exercise lasting more than 30 minutes, you can be a part of this share.

No application fees - No membership fees - No annual commitment

$500 IUA | Under 30: Individual $281 -- Couple $642 -- Adult & Child $536 -- Family $862 

$1,000 IUA | Under 30: Individual $238 -- Couple $521 -- Adult & Child $443 -- Family $862

$500 IUA | Over 30: Individual $337 -- Couple $721 -- Adult & Child $620 -- Family $953  

$1,000 IUA | Over 30: Individual $279 -- Couple $577 -- Adult & Child $505 -- Family $768